Welcome to my site documenting my computer algorithm rankings/ratings of teams across various sports. Right now I have College Football, College Basketball, and NFL, and NBA. I do my best to update the various rankings the day after most games have been played for the week. While my ratings generate fairly quickly, and with the press of a button, I must still generate the web pages manually. Given that, and being a busy person, I sometimes fall a little bit behind.

My interest in sports data science and computer algorithms really started during the summer of 2018, when, in my free time, I produced an algorithm to rank all 130 FBS teams. I tested this algorithm using the entirety of the 2017 college football season, and tweaked during the live 2018 season to achieve more accurate results. On the FAQ page, you can read about how the College Football algorithm works and my reasoning behind my metrics.

You can also read about the NFL algorithm, which seeks to minimize Ranking Violations, here!

[This site is best viewed on a computer. Table formats for rankings do not translate well to mobile.]